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 person(s) don't know that I'm weird

My collection of raw denim.

Left to right:

Iron Heart 301S (4 days of wear; Just bought these and they’re prolly my most favorite fit)

Kicking Mule Workshop Rocker (2 years roughly of wear with 3-4 washes; First pair of raw denim I ever bought)

Nudie Thin Finn (2 years roughly of wear with 3-4 washes; My most proud jeans that I’ve worn and torn)

Nudie Slim Jim (8-10 months roughly of wear with 5-7 washes; not my most favorite cut/fit)

Pure Blue Japan XX-010 (1.5 years roughly of wear with 3-4 washes; This was an impulse buy… Saw the purple denim and just had to have it, still debating if it was still worth the 3 or so bills I spent)

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